Saturday, July 2, 2016

FairFuelUK challenges fuel retailers following the EU Referendum result not to unscrupulously hike fuel prices more than is fair, using wheeler-dealer exchange rate and oil price speculation as misleading smokescreens to fleece 37m UK drivers at the pumps. 

Quentin Willson, TV Motoring Journalist and Lead Campaigner for FairFuelUK said: ‘We’ve done the maths* and crunched the numbers. Any rise above 3p a litre to reflect currency movements is just post-Brexit opportunism. If it transpires that the oil industry is trying to deliberately profit from the UK's current political and economic upheaval they should hang their collective heads in shame. This is how recessions begin.” 

Howard Cox founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "If oil stays at about $50 and the dollar exchange rate 1.33, pump prices should be hiked by no more than 3p, this will ensure retailers’ margins are comparable to their highly profitable pre-Brexit levels. When oil’s been at the current £37-£38 per barrel level, over the last 18 months**, pump prices have ranged from 106p to 120p. This shows greedy fuel supply businesses fleecing motorists when the opportunity is right for them, picking on diesel drivers the most. We renew our call for an ‘OfPump’ type regulatory body to ensure fairer and fully transparent pump pricing for 37m UK drivers.”  


*For data on the oil, wholesale, retail prices of diesel and petrol in the last 10 days around the EU Referendum go to:

**For data showing prices at the pumps when Brent Crude has been around £37 to £38 per barrel in the last 18 months go to:

Data sourced from Portland Fuel Pricing, RAC Foundation and Petrol Prices dot com

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[ posted by ALEXANDER HATFIELD, 02.07.16 09:07 ]

It would bew good to see a public protest by not going to the pumps for a day leaving the forecourts empty.


[ posted by Andrew Hardwick , 02.07.16 12:28 ]

French style protests would be a good idea. Thing is....only those struggling to pay for fuel would stick together whilst those rich enough flaunt the strike. No cross spectrum loyalty and sticking together anymore....just like the lorry blockades in regards to fuel prices...a couple more days and we would of won.


[ posted by William Stevens, 02.07.16 09:29 ]

Fuel prices in UK are a RIP OFF!
I have not long returned from Australia where fuel price at the pumps is an averages about 62p a liter!!!!!!
How can one country charge low prices and we in the UK get robbed!!!!


[ posted by pete drinkwater, 02.07.16 10:04 ]

last week it was 1-11 this week its113-9 this is bp as usual they are always the first to put up prices and last to drop them


[ posted by Richard Smith, 02.07.16 19:17 ]

So how come the price of fuel in Jersey in the Channnel Islands is at the cheapest at least 10p cheaper than on the main land, they have to import it, so how come we have to pay full price.


[ posted by Beverley Coxhead, 02.07.16 22:16 ]

It is unfair on the consumers to have to pay full price when Oil prices are still low


[ posted by cliff, 10.09.16 11:28 ]

A general strike would sort the politicians out, it's not just fuel prices is it it is everything. The politicians do not live in the real world they do not have to. we are paying through the nose as always for the incompetence of these people in power. The UK governement continues to borrow money. When you keep borrowing money you are not doing well, the only way out is to improve income by generating and expanding business potential in particular exports, NOT taxing the hell out of ordinary folks and businesses. Thank god we are coming out of Europe (or are we?)


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