Saturday, September 10, 2016

We need you to ask your MP to lobby the new Chancellor to cut Fuel Duty in his Autumn Statement. In order to help you and UK's 37m highly taxed drivers to get a fairer and more equitable deal from this Government.

Here are our 2 easy and quick ways for you to contact your MP, 
either by using a new Smartphone App or as before, by email

We have teamed up with HearMeMP, an exciting new Smartphone App that allows you to easily contact your MP to let them know what you feel about important issues without you having to send them an email.  Some MPs complain they are overwhelmed with too many emails.  But don't worry if you dont use smartphone Apps we give you that traditional email route to lobby your MP too.

HearMeMP is an easy way to use your smartphone to read about key issues and let your MP know how you feel in just a few taps of the screen. Rather than flooding an MP's inbox, HearMeMP sends all the submitted views on each individual issue on a spread sheet once a week and asks the MP to respond to users directly. It means that MPs' can make a record of and respond to your views quicker. MPs are also sent a weekly break down of their constituents' views issue by issue so they can see the strength of feeling of the people they represent. The more of you that use this new App will show the weight of opinion in your constituency.

Please download HearMeMP for your smartphone or simply just email your MP to ask them to support FairFuelUK's widely supported asks of the New Chancellor in the lead up to his Autumn Statement on November 23rd. They are in summary listed here:

  • Cut fuel duty by 3p.
  • A VAT cut on all fuels of 5% to 15%.
  • Show VAT and Duty on all Fuel Receipts.
  • Set up an ‘OfPump’ monitoring body for fairer and more transparent pricing at the pumps.
  • Introduce significant financial incentives for motorists to move to cleaner fuels.

Please help to support the most successful
public affairs campaign of the last 6 years. 
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[ posted by Paul Stanton , 10.09.16 23:35 ]

Fuel duty is far too high and has been for years


[ posted by Ian, 12.09.16 11:57 ]

help cut prices as cost of living is far to high


[ posted by Sue, 12.09.16 11:58 ]

please help to bring down the cost of living


[ posted by Ann Hicks, 14.09.16 12:22 ]

Please help to cut fuel duty


[ posted by Malcolm Hurrell, 14.09.16 19:38 ]

Enough is enough. Fuel prices are increasing week by week. It's about time you put a stop to it.


[ posted by George Saunders, 31.10.16 17:18 ]

The diesel in my local Tesco has went up 7p a litre in the last 5 weeks, it is now £116.99 a litre.


[ posted by Derek ward, 05.03.17 10:23 ]

Please cut our fuel duty. We are pensioners who run an elderly diesel car as changing it is not an option. It has never failed an MOT in 20 odd years proving emissions are very low. THANK YOU


[ posted by gary cartmell, 25.03.17 22:35 ]

Can we please get stuck into these independent forecourt retailers who are not passing on falling prices and pocketing the cash -they are greasy bandits who are just taking the p@$$


[ posted by David Read, 05.04.17 16:40 ]

I own a diesel ford focus on which was spent some £2500 primarily on a new clutch, flywheel and alternator.Given the adverse attitude being taken to diesel, I would not have spent this money, the car is now worth little although very reliable. I look forward to being compensated.


[ posted by Mike Rolite, 10.04.17 10:47 ]

I would not mind paying some of the taxes levied on my car if it was actually used to repair and maintain the road network. I live in a rural area and it is dangerous having to swerve around massive potholes where there is a blind bend ahead.
What is the percentage of the total tax on vehicles that is actually used to maintain the road network.


[ posted by Terry lowe, 22.04.17 20:08 ]

I own a BMW 320D Not even 3 yrs old and which cost over 27K, mayor Khan deems this vehicle unfit for london if he gets away with extending congestion/ ULEZ zone to nth / Sth circulars he will effectively be creating a "financial Berlin Wall" around our city this is a disgusting attack on car drivers petrol or diesel who live in suburbs who driven out by house prices have to commute and what about those who are carers etc who have to enter proposed new zone this is where we live and we will effectively be cut off from those in zone unless we cough up


[ posted by Richard Walker, 17.07.17 15:21 ]

I believe there are far more effective ways of reducing pollution, as suggested by Fair Fuel UK than just increasing tax on diesel vehicles.


[ posted by Clive Reidy, 29.07.17 20:54 ]

the uk government bave made a futune on fuel tax .it will coast peoples jobs banning petrol and diesel cars not everyone wants an electric car they are dictating to what peoplle can do and have .


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