Thursday, November 17, 2016
Help us to stop the opportunistic profiteering at the pumps and rip off of 37m drivers by signing the Government ePetition for PumpWatch at
Conservative MPs lead by Chair of the APPG on Fair Fuel, Charlie Elphicke MP, plus SNP's Angus MacNeil MP and Labour's Rob Flello MP handed in a petition to the Treasury on Tuesday 15th November calling for a cut in Fuel Duty in the Autumn Statement together with a demand for a new pump pricing monitoring watchdog called PumpWatch. The PumpWatch Petition with 23,000 signatures collected in just a week was handed into the Treasury by Charlie Elphicke and FairFuelUK Campaigners Quentin Willson and Howard Cox. 

This is why we need PumpWatch

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Yvette Chalmers , 17.11.16 11:07 ]



[ posted by Nick Fudge, 17.11.16 11:11 ]

Parliament also needs to debate the amount of Car Tax, duty and VAT motorists are being charged at the pumps. As the Government is also guilty of fleecing the motorist to the tune of millions of pounds to cover the shortfall in taxes not being paid by large corporations. Very little of this money collected is being used to improve roads and address the huge problem of road congestion this Country currently faces.


[ posted by Theresa blyth, 17.11.16 11:49 ]

Yes we are getting ripped off on fuel in this country especially when you see the prices in other countries when the price drops it takes to long for it to show at the pumps .


[ posted by Ian Blades, 17.11.16 11:53 ]



[ posted by Robert Hall, 17.11.16 12:10 ]

We are being overcharged at the pumps


[ posted by Joseph Cosgrove , 17.11.16 12:56 ]

We are all tired of being easy soft targets for fleecing.


[ posted by James Hobson, 17.11.16 19:16 ]

Not only are we getting ripped off at the pumps witb fuel, but Gas and Electricity too. Fed up with the massive profits at our expence.


[ posted by donald barker, 17.11.16 19:34 ]

I feel we have been ripped off for years? at least when we jioned the common market from gallons to litres. and we are still being ripped off.


[ posted by george leach, 17.11.16 19:42 ]

we are being screwed every which way and it has to stop now or else


[ posted by COLIN WHITE, 17.11.16 19:59 ]

Last year petrol was supposed to drop below £1 per Lt, well in east kent where I live it only went to £1 per Lt for 1- month approximately then slowly started to climb untill now Shell-V-power which is the petrol that I use is at £1.36 per 1Lt which is totally outrageous considering OIL IS AT AN ALL TIME LOW !!!


[ posted by William Robertson, 17.11.16 23:46 ]

Tired of oil comapnys saying anything to rip us off at the pumps


[ posted by Graeme Foulner , 18.11.16 00:14 ]

Same old story price drop one minute then In a blink of an eye wallop price is up 2/3p a litre


[ posted by John Jenkins, 18.11.16 06:57 ]

Oil Company's ripping off everyone at the drop of a hat.


[ posted by Paul Dallagher, 18.11.16 11:16 ]

Fair fuel prices for all is a must.


[ posted by Colin Spraggs, 18.11.16 11:41 ]

When you consider that the price of fuel at the pumps affects everything we buy, as well as our own transport! A complete racket!


[ posted by David baker, 18.11.16 12:51 ]



[ posted by Steve Perry, 18.11.16 23:23 ]

We have always been ripped off at the pumps and it's about time we had a fair affordable price for our fuel!


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