Monday, April 3, 2017
The staggering ignorance towards effective ways to lower emissions by the Government continues to perplex millions of diligent drivers. Their myopic and out of touch dogma that by simply taxing drivers more, will solve the issue is tantamount to pre-kindergarten levels of intellect and stinks of incompetence.

With only 10% of emissions attributed to diesel cars, why should hard-working drivers, families, white van man, small businesses be held responsible for 90% of the issue. It’s clear that Ministers do not have a clue how to lower emissions but want to be seen to be doing something. Even if that something is manifestly and categorically wrong! Whilst NOx levels are clearly and evidentially falling, the out of touch politicos focus on satisfying the emotive green minority and left wing scare mongerers by hiking taxes on the innocent diesel driver.

In our recent survey of 16,000 drivers, only 1 in 100 UK drivers believe that adding a pollution tax to diesel will improve the environment. With 4 out of 5 diesel drivers saying they have no choice but to drive the same mileage even with a speculative green tax added to their fuel bill. 98% of drivers believe such a tax hike would cost jobs, increase inflation and purely just raise extra cash for the Treasury. 

It’s strange that UK diesel drivers are already punitively taxed more so than those in Germany, France, Greece and other EU economies. These nations all subsidise diesel with lower taxation compared to their petrol levies. Amazingly Greek diesel drivers pay a massive 25p less than petrol at the pumps. The UK is the only nation that nearly always pays more at the pumps for diesel than petrol. So any additional tax hike masked under a Green label will be unfair and pointless. Instead, let’s have a grown up debate on getting older diesel engines incentivised to move to cleaner Euro 6 units. In our survey 9 out of 10 diesel drivers support a fair scrappage scheme.

Charlie Elphicke MP for Dover and Chair of the APPG for Fair Fuel said: "It's wrong to demonise diesel drivers. Pollution must be tackled - yet diesel cars account for just 10% of emissions. It means there's a real risk 90% of the problem will get ignored, which would be bad for our health and the environment. Many drivers feel they were encouraged to buy diesel by the last Labour government. Punishing them with extra taxes is deeply unfair. The great danger is that tens of thousands of drivers will switch to petrol. This is not the answer. It would simply mean harmful CO2 levels rocketing. We must take an approach which tackles the whole pollution problem - not just use this as an excuse to fleece motorists for more taxes."
Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: ‘Waging war on hard working diesel drivers is crass, ill thought out and deceitful. NOx is already falling in our cities without fleecing motorists with another quick cash grab. Poor policy based on emotion is driving Whitehall decisions with Ministers ignoring low emission alternatives, such as retrofitting buses and replacing fleets. These are instant solutions proven not to hurt the economy or drivers. Out of touch myopic politicians will add more misery to UK drivers who already pay more for diesel than petrol. No other nation worldwide does that to its people.’

Quentin Willson, Motoring Journalist and Lead Campaigner for FairFuelUK said: 'Nobody is talking about the amounts of particulate matter emitted because it's very rarely measured. It's not Nox that's the health issue it's PM 10s, 2.5s and Ultra Fine Particles. Generated by all vehicles, not just by burning fossil fuels but also from brake linings and tyres. How can we rank diesels without measuring the PMs? .' 

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[ posted by Jennings, 07.04.17 09:20 ]

Westminster council have jumped on the bandwagon and are trialing charging diesel drivers 50% more than petrol vehicles to park in certain areas (specifically within F zone) from 3rd April 2017.

This is not acceptable, unfair, and another way to raise money without justification.


[ posted by george yates, 14.04.17 08:21 ]

This stupid diesel tax that is planned by the government. must be stopped .Does the tax apply to hgv`s, taxis, buses delivery vans,if so we are going to see a huge rise in the cost of transport and goods in the shops.It was a previous government that said diesel vehicles were the cleanest,just goes to show what do they know!!!!!!.


[ posted by Brian Jones, 14.04.17 12:15 ]

Some of the diesel trains that frequently pass my home emit choking toxic fumes, something should be done to combat this pollution, also the amount of time they are stationary at stations in inner cities and towns with engines running


[ posted by Karan Capon-Richards, 17.04.17 13:52 ]

Diesel cars are the LEAST polluting - we were all ancouraged to buy them and WE WANT TO KEEP THEM- this is unfair , the government must back down or have an election


[ posted by John W,, 17.04.17 22:08 ]

I lost all my work in London because of the congestion charge that ken Livingston bought in so I basically ended up unemployed, In the past 5 years I have been house bound because of my health issues and my "Petrol" Car died back in 2012 and with only 75,000 miles on the clock after it being totally rebuilt, So 5 weeks ago I bought a Diesel and now they are doing this to me and millions of others, without my car I don't see another human being for 6 to 9 months at a time and I can't even go food shopping and To add to the expense because I had not driven in the past 3 or 4 years I have lost all my NO Claims Bonuses So I am having to start again paying a premium for my car insurance and with this Diesel Tax of 20.00 per day Could cost me an extra £5200 per year On top of £295.00 for road Tax, £760.00 for Insurance plus the normal running costs for fuel, MOT's etc etc, I wonder how sadiq khan would feel about never seeing another person or any members of his family for 9 months of the year., Or even 2 years like I have had to live., sadiq Khan, change places with me and become a Prisoner without committing a crime like I have.


[ posted by George K,, 23.04.17 12:53 ]

Can someone please lobby the goverment to stop this so called toxin tax from ever happening, after telling us all to switch to diesel by the labour goverment of years gone by they now wish to ruin peoples lifes with another heavy tax on working people who i might add go to work to pay huge taxes already levied on us drivers, what will they achieve by toxin taxes will it do anything to stop the 10 percent poluttion by cars, this smacks of another way to tax hard working people, let the 10 million diesel drivers say enough is enough stop this madness before there are no business's left to employ people who want to work for a living, i feel that if the goverment imposes these tax's we will all suffer as food prices etc will also soar, so please start a campaign to stop this happening before its too late.


[ posted by Tony, 27.04.17 22:51 ]

There seems to me no rational debate about the real causes of nox and particulate emissions. The best data I have found is a TFL document from 2010.

Follow the link and see figures 2 and 3.

TFL Mayor of London analysis of the sources of London's air pollution.

Link at the bottom.

Figure 2

diesel car NOX contribution to overall nox 11%
TFL Bus NOX contribution to overall nox 8%
Goods vehicles NOX contribution to overall nox 17%
Gas heating NOX contribution to overall nox 16%
Machinery NOX contribution to overall nox 14%

Fig 3 Particulate Emissions % of whole.

Petrol cars 17%
Diesel Cars 11%
Goods vehicles 13%
Industry and heating 7%
Non mobile machinery 13%



[ posted by steve, 03.05.17 14:22 ]

An engineer'sand scientist's blog covered this and can be found on ''. Refer to the links posted by commentsators towards the end. The interview with Prof Tony Frew on Talk radio is very easy to follow.The health stats are exaggerated by omitting to say that the Physicians report stated the number of days of life was between 2 and 20 and applying to whole populations. The % of those guesstimated to be a proportion of the total dying of diseases caused by traffic pollution is very low, but the whole number high. Defra also has published a paper with graphs showing the level of NO2 from cars has fallen by a factor of 6 since 1992. Also, despite having the same Nox and particulate levels, Westminster has the highest health ratings and Tower Hamlets, the lowest. Dementia has been blamed on particulates but women suffer a higher rate of increase than men and in falling levels of pollution.As you say the taxes are being driven by green pressure groups who ignore real science. Best of luck and email me if you want more evidence.


[ posted by Charles, 19.05.17 13:48 ]

I Have today sent the following reply to my local MP.

Dear Mr Betts,

While I understand that we need to improve the air quality in our country, I am concerned that this will primarily fall on the owners of diesel vehicles being the ones that will be left to pay for Government and manufacturers folly.

The government should be taking a harder line with the manufacturers similar to that that has been adopted in the USA, or give the manufactures the option to replace engines for cleaner petrol engines or add the add blue system to diesel engines that are suitable for conversion.

As a driver of a VW diesel I am very concerned and to try to help I limit my speed to 50 mph to reduce the effect my pollution has on the environment.

As Far as a scrappage scheme as an option, it will never work if it only paid out if you buy an electric or Hydrogen fuelled vehicle as most of the owners of the older polluting vehicle will not be able to afford the options mentioned.
Indeed I need to carry an electric wheelchair and I also tow a caravan currently there is no electric vehicle I could purchase that would allow me to lead as normal a life as possible.

I personally think that before any firm plans are put in place on how to solve the problem there needs to be public consultation and meetings to fully appreciate the scale of the problem.

There also need to be a serious rethink on our public transport system as most of the vehicles used have no anti pollution measures applied to them, this in itself is deplorable as they are slow moving vehicles whose engines are running constantly, even the new hybrid buses that are used in Sheffield fall into this category as they can only fully fulfil their potential when used in places that are not built on hills.

Please do not penalise the drivers who have been duped by the poor decisions of others.



[ posted by Kelvin Beeston, 07.07.17 18:38 ]

Deisel drivers are the easy target and do Gooders and racketeers are jumping on the band wagon, turning to Electric how is this made and what are they going to do with their by-products that will kill us all more quickly that their lies on Deisel, we need a loud voice to bring this debacle to a end and allow the motor industry to continue to achieve better emissions and for Deisel cars and fuel to be used


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