Thursday, December 5, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Following Autumn Statement 

George Osborne's claim that freezing the current 60% taxation on petrol and diesel is a triumph for road users. It is in fact a huge disappointment to FairFuelUK's 400,000 supporters, its backers including the FTA, RHA, APN, Aldermore and the RAC. All the evidence presented by FairFuelUK shows that cutting Fuel Duty significantly will generate jobs, increase GDP and reduce inflation. This expert evidence bizarrely has not been refuted by the Treasury. Why is that? We asked them to be bold and cut fuel duty but instead the cash cow continues to be milked at the expense of the economy, motorists, small businesses and our vital haulage industry.

Quentin Willson, lead campaigner of FairFuelUK said: "'Spare a thought for the 17 million road commuters who will now see no reduction in the huge costs of driving to work. The Chancellor had it in his gift to ease the burden for businesses and families battling to drive to their jobs. We can only ruefully wonder why he didn't act to help protect them.'

Howard Cox, co-founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "The UK continues to have the highest Fuel Tax regime in the EU, it remains the costliest country in the world to fill up the average car and 17 million still depend exclusively on a car or van to get to work. Nothing has changed following the Autumn Statement. The fiscal rape of the road user continues”

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